Fakhrul Muhaqiqeen's the Jurisprudence of the Obligatory and the Recommended In the al-Risalah al-Fakhriyah


Writing papers and summaries is a method on which scientists and scholars depended for scientific and research purposes and for meeting the students' jurisprudential and Usul (principles of jurisprudence) requirements. The al-Risalah al-Fakhriyah is characterized by scientific accuracy, simple style, sound jurisprudential method and plenty of meanings and concepts. It is famous enough of being written by Sheikh Abu Talib Mohammed ibn Hassan ibn Yusuf ibn Ali ibn al-Mutahar, alias Fakhrul Muhaqiqeen. The researcher dealt with the terms: Wajib (obligatory) and Mustahab (recommended) in the chapter of the worship that is based on the intention of getting nearer to Almighty Allah. He also dealt with the wording and formulas contained in the hadiths of the Prophet and his honored Household (PBUT). The research classified the wajib and the mustahab. This induction -of the (Islamic) jurisprudential matters that the Mukalaf (the sane adult) may commit wrongly- became a substitute for books of Islamic laws that are difficult to find and to understand. It is like an easy-to-use worship program, which can be reviewed, implemented, or understood by every Mukalaf. It is noteworthy that the researcher wrote this book at the request of a grand scholar. This research is an attempt to study the use and the importance of the jurisprudential term, and to present the approach of the writer.