Effect of leaching with magnetized water on three saline soils


A column experiment was conducted to investigate the efficiency of magnetized water on leaching individual ions from saline soils. The study involved three different saline soils ranging between 38.14-85.91 dS.m-1 leached with magnetized water (MW) or non-magnetized well water (WW). Treatments in triplicate were arranged and successive effluents were collected and analyzed. Results showed that EC decreased to 2.99–3.29 dS.m-1 mostly during the first two volumes and was greater under MW treatment. Higher amount of Na+ was leached under the first three volumes, but later the decrease was small. Amount of Na+ leached was higher from S1 followed by S2 then S3. Sodium (Na+) decreased from 718.58, 549.03 and 419.85 mmolc L-1 for S1, S2 and S3, respectively to less than 50 mmolc L-1 at PV5. Calcium (Ca+2) and magnesium (Mg+2) concentrations decreased then followed by increase at the last pore volume. Most of chloride (Cl-) removal from the soil was during PV1, indicating that the source of Cl- was highly soluble salts. Magnetic water treatment proved to be efficient in leaching salts.