The Significance of (ila) in the Verse of Ablution An Analytic Study in Ash-Sheikh Al-Qummi›s Style and Ibn Al-Ata›iqi›s Criticism


The present paper focuses on one question of Qur›anic jurisprudence(jurisprudential exegesis), namely, starting with cleaning the elbow when cleaning the hands in the ablution. I have used the term (jurisprudential exegesis) because the jurisprudence of this question has been based on a Qur›anic base. Hence, it has two dimensions: exegetic and jurisprudent. The first aim of this paper is to clarify (the criticism of jurisprudential exegesis). The limits of the study lie within the view of Ash-Shaikh Al-Qummi from the School of Qum and the view of Ash-Shaikh Ibnul-Ata›iqi Al-Hilli in his book Mukhtasar Tafseer Al-Qummi(Summary of Al-Qummi›s xegesis)from the School of Al-Hilla. The criticized view isthe view of Al-Qummi in his exegesis which has been summarized by Ibn Al-Ata›qi. The criticizing view is the view of Ibn Al-Ata›qi Al-Hilli, the author of (Summary of Al-Qummi›s Exegesis). I have tried my best to analyze each view and bring back each of them to its basics as far as possible after having clarified each of them. Then, I have made a contrast between the two views. I did not linger to show the most acceptable view according to the contrasts, and the view which is the most acceptable to me or according to other views.