Study and Invistagation of Electric Properties of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell


The aim of this paper is on the studies and investigation of the electric properties of dye sensitized solar cell according on estimation of the charge transfer current .Quantum theory have been used to evaluation the probability of current of charge transfer at N3/GeAs and N3/SnO2 interface system .Theoretical calculation used to explain the behavior of the electric properties in N3/GeAs and N3/SnO2interface system depending on the evaluation flow of the current of electron through system. Data results of the current of electron at system show that current of charge is depending on the transfer energy  , driving energy , strength coupling coefficient  , concentration of electron  ,volume of unit cell for semiconductor  , pentration factor  , and temperature T(K) for N3/GeAs and N3/SnO2 system structures. A MATLAB designed program to predict the current of electron.