The effect of manganese poisoning on the histological structure of testis in male Swiss mice


The current study aims to investigate the effect of manganese poisoning on the histological structure of testis. The experimental were conducted on (15) male adult Swiss mice of Balb/ C strain ,which were randomly divided into three groups between control and treatment groups. The animals had been given manganese chloride orally in concentration (50,100) ppm for 30 days ,while the control group have been given distal water for same time period. The animals were killed after (48) hours from finished of treatment ,the animals are weighted and the testis was removed ,weighted ,processed for histological study. The results reveal significant differences when comparison between the experimental and control groups as follow : Non significant decrease in body weight with concentration which used in current study .  A high significant decrease(p<0,01) in testis weight with increase Mncl2 concentration. A high significant decrease(p<0,01)in seminiferous tubules diameter in group treatment with (50) ppm while no- significant decrease in group treatment with (100)ppm. significant decrease at different levels in cell of spermatogenesis (Spermatogonia ,Spermatocyte ,Spermatide ) as well as sertoli cell. There is histological changes include damage in walls and cells of tubules , odema ,blood vessels and degeneration of spermatogenesis.