Enhensment adsorption capacity of Phragmites australis powder for Congo red and methylene blue dyes removal


The influence of the activation methods acidic or (wet method) and thermal (or dry method) on removal efficiency of textile dyes (Congo red and methylene blue) comparing with the sample non activation adsorbents. The results showed increasing in the removal percentage of two dyes, for both used activation methods (acidic and thermal) comparing with the sample non activation adsorbents with progress contact time. At the same time the dry activation was mor active then the wet activation for both dyes, as show in the results the removal Congo red dye efficiency was 81.3% for non-actiation, 87.7% for acidic activation, 96% for thermal activation. the removal methylene blue dye efficiency was 72% for non- actiation, 90.9% for acidic activation, 96.6% for thermal activation.