The Characteristics of Al-Fadhil As-Suyoori’s Jurisprudential Book “Kanzul-Irfan (The Treasure of Knowledge)


One of the most valuable books in jurisprudential exegesis of the Qur’anic verses of rules is Al-Fadhil As-Suyoori Al-Hilli’s urisprudential Book “Kanzul-Irfan fi Tafseer Al-Qur’n- The Treasureof Knowledge in the Exegesis of the Glorious Qur’an). It has been a source of interest of the scholars due to its many characteristics and multitudinous aspects in the exegesis of Qur’anic verses as egards the jurisprudential dimension. In this paper, we state its most important jurisprudential aspects. Thus, we deal with the exegesis of verses of rules as they are ordered in their jurisprudential entries,the exact presentation of jurisprudential terminology, introducing a well-formed comprehensive definition, making use of the rational evidences in analyzing and deducting the rules, exploiting the jurisprudential principles in clarifying such verses and benefitting from the sayings of the Imami jurisprudents and the Sunni jurisprudents in the exegesis of the verses of rules. This will be followed by studying some jurisprudential views and the theories related to them.