Generally, the electronic technology has beenimplemented to automate the traditional systems. So, differentcopy of management systems in different scope were presented.These systems include the services provided to company as wellas people, such as, healthcare. The traditional datamanagement systems for pharmacy as example, suffer fromthe capacity, time consuming, medicines accessibility,managing the medicines store as well as the need of qualifiedstaff according to the requirements of employer expectations.In this paper, a hospital e-pharmacy system is proposed inorder to facilitate the job, outdo the mentioned problems. Adata management system to the Iraqi hospital's pharmacy isproposed which is divided into two main parts: database, andGraphical User Interface (GUI) frames. The database builtusing SQL Server contains the pharmacy information relatedto the medicines, patient information….etc. the GUI framesease the use of the proposed system by unskilled users. Theproposal system is responsible on monitoring and controllingthe work of pharmacy in hospital in terms of management ofmedicine issuing ordering and hospital reports..