An Islamic Unified Information Retrieval Approach


Notable concepts derived from Islamic traditions are currently unavailable, since there are no unified Islamic platforms that provide accurate and certified results of authentic Islamic content. Traditional search engines do not offer powerful tools for searching religious content; users can search what is available on the Internet to some extent, but to access detailed information they must specify their religious intention. With the Google search engine, for example, it is extremely difficult to search a term or topic related to Islam due to Google’s open nature. Furthermore, it is difficult to prove that the contents of searched results are authentic Islamic traditions. A single search of a religious term will yield results that paint Islam negatively in the first few search results, which is a direct result of so-called ‘Islamophobia’ in today’s world. In our information retrieval proposal, we examine an approach that provides alternative Web search results and opportunities for Islam to address Islamophobia. Our model is intended to provide concepts of authentic and certified Islamic information, and we achieved relevant and promising results based on the evaluation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.