Feto-maternal outcome of preeclampsia in multigravida compared to primigravida women


Background: Pregnancy induced hypertension including pre-eclampsia are global public health concern both in developed & developing countries. They have significant prenatal, neonatal & maternal morbidity & mortality.Objectives: The aim of this prospective comparative study is to identify & compare the maternal & neonatal outcome of pre-eclampsia in between multigravida & primigravida.Patients:- This study had been done over period of one year (1st Sep.2017-31st Aug. 2018) in Basrah Maternity & Child Hospital in which (110) multigravida with pre-eclampsia were compared to (108) primigravida with pre-eclampsia. Both groups were admitted to labor room during same period of study with spontaneous labor or for induction of labor.Results:- Multigravida with pre-eclampsia were found to have significantly more advanced age more than thirty years (58%) as well as higher body mass index with morbidly obese (75%).They also exhibited more severe form of pre-eclampsia (75%) as well as recurrent pre-eclampsia (45%) ,with positive family history of pre-eclampsia(64%) & chronic hypertension (27%). Obstetrical complications in term of ante-partum hemorrhage (29%), post-partum hemorrhage (43%) & preterm delivery (50%) were evident more in multgravida with pre-eclampsia as well as poor neonatal outcome in term of low birth weight, & low Apgar score.Conclusion:- Multigravida with pre-eclampsia had significantly higher rates of severe type with adverse maternal& neonatal outcome in comparison to primigravida with pre-eclampsia