An Optimized Complementary Filter For An Inertial Measurement Unit Contain MPU6050 Sensor


(It can be said that the system of sensing the tilt angle and speed of a multi-rotor copter come in the first rank among all the other sensors on the multi-rotor copters and all other planes due to its important roles for stabilization. The MPU6050 sensor is one of the most popular sensors in this field. It has an embedded 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis gyroscope. It is a simple sensor in dealing with it and extracting accurate data. Everything changes when this sensor is placed on the plane. It becomes very complicated to deal with it due to vibration of the motors on the multirotor copter. In this study, two main problems were diagnosed was solved that appear in most sensors when they are applied to a high-frequency vibrating environment. The first problem is how to get a precise angle of the sensor despite the presence of vibration. The second problem is how to overcome the errors that appear when the multirotor copter revolves around its vertical axis during the tilting in either direction x or y or both. The first problem was solved in two steps. The first step involves mixing data of the gyroscope sensor with the data of auxetometer sensor by a mathematical equation based on optimized complementary filter using gray wolf optimization algorithm GWO. The second step involves designing a suitable FIR filter for data. The second problem was solved by finding a non-linear mathematical relationship between the angles of the copter in both X and Y directions, and the rotation around the vertical axis of multirotor copter frame.