Design Tunable Robust Controllers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm


PID controller is the most popular controller in many applications because of many advantages such as its high efficiency, low cost, and simple structure. But the main challenge is how the user can find the optimal values for its parameters. There are many intelligent methods are proposed to find the optimal values for the PID parameters, like neural networks, genetic algorithm, Ant colony and so on. In this work, the PID controllers are used in three different layers for generating suitable control signals for controlling the position of the UAV (x,y and z), the orientation of UAV (θ, Ø and ψ) and for the motors of the quadrotor to make it more stable and efficient for doing its mission. The particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed in this work. The PSO algorithm is applied to tune the parameters of proposed PID controllers for the three layers to optimize the performances of the controlled system with and without existences of disturbance to show how the designed controller will be robust. The proposed controllers are used to control UAV, and the MATLAB 2018b is used to simulate the controlled system. The simulation results show that, the proposed controllers structure for the quadrotor improve the performance of the UAV and enhance its stability.