Effect of Steel Tube Thickness on Flexural Behavior of Concrete Composite Beams Using Different Section Shapes


The current paper aims to investigate the effect ofsteel tube thickness on the structural behavior of concretecomposite beams with different steel tube sections. Theexperimental work of this study included a series ofbending tests. The loading type used to study this effecton bending behavior of steel tubes was simply supportedbeam tested by two points load. Six composite beamspecimens were performed and tested up to failure usingthree shapes of steel section (hexagonal, square andrectangular), every two specimens have the same shape ofsteel section. The type of shear connector was the headedstud for all specimens and to investigate the effect ofthickness, this study used two thicknesses of steel tubesections of (2) mm and (3) mm. The tests showedimprovement in the flexural behavior by increasingthickness of different steel section shapes, (50%)increasing in steel tube thickness led to increase theultimate load by (32% - 34%). The ultimate slip at theultimate load, for each specimen, is decreased byincreasing the thickness of steel tube, the range ofdecreasing is ( 3.55% - 30.16% ).