Pattern of Serum Irisin Hormone in Patients with Thyroid Dysfunction


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: The protein irisin is one of the most recent hormone-like adipo-myokine, which have an important role in controlling energy metabolism in humans. Both thyroid hormones & irisin have some similarities in regulation of body metabolism, such as thermogenesis & energy balance.OBJECTIVE: To assess the association & correlation between serum irisin & thyroid hormones in hypothyroid & hyperthyroid patients as compared to normal individuals.PATIENTS AND METHODS: This work is a cross-sectional case-control study, involving 150 participants (50 with primary hypothyroidism, 50 with primary hyperthyroidism, & 50 healthy controls). Withdrawal of serum samples were done to estimate irisin level, triiodothyronine(T3), tetraiodothyronine (T4), thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH), glucose, lipid profile, urea, & creatinine.RESULTS: In hypothyroid group the mean irisin concentration was higher than hyperthyroid & normal controls (P=0.05). A significant positive correlation between irisin & TSH levels was identified (r: 0.201, p = 0.014). The correlation of irisin with T3 was negative (r : -0.180, p = 0.027) while with T4 was highly negative (r : -0.212, p= 0.009).CONCLUSIONS: The mean serum level of irisin was higher in hypothyroid patients than healthy controls, while the hyperthyroid patients had the lowest levels. Serum irisin was correlated positively with TSH & negatively with T3 & T4.KEYWORDS: Adipokines; Endocrine; Hypothyroidism; Hyperthyroidism