Treatment of Plane Warts by Topical Trichloroacetic Acid with Two Concentration (35% & 70% ); A Comparative Therapeutic Study


BACKGROUND:Plane warts represents a common dermatological problem and self-limiting viral infection of theskin caused by human papilloma viruses type (3,10,28,29) with no uniformly effective treatmentmodality.OBJECTIVE:To evaluate and compare the effectiveness and side effect of topical trichloroacetic acid solution intwo concentration (35% & 70%) for treatment of plane warts.PATIENTS AND METHODSThis is a comparative interventional therapeutic study conducted at the dermatology center ofBaghdad Teaching Hospital / Medical City . Sixty consecutive patients with plane warts wererandomly assigned into two groups of thirty patients each; group A received topical trichloroaceticacid 35% (9 patients defaulted for unknown reasons) and group B received topical trichloroaceticacid 70% (8 patients defaulted for unknown reasons) once weekly application by doctor at hospitalwith wood stick once weekly until complete responce of the lesions or for at least four weeks.Patients with complete response follow up monthly for 3 months for detecting recurrence.RESULTS:In group (A) 9 (42.85 %) patients from showed complete response, with 9 (42.85 %) patientsshowed partial response; the remaining 3 (14.28%) patients showed no response (p value ˂ 0.05)with complete response (7 from 9) need 4-8 weeks of treatment, while in group (B) 13 (59.09 %)patients showed complete response, with 8 (36.36 %) patients showed partial response; theremaining one (4.54 %) patients showed no response, (p value < 0.05) with complete response (8from 13) need two to four weeks of treatment i.e TCA 70% faster response. Most of patient sufferfrom burning sensation & itching as a side effects and few patients with erythema &dyspigmentaion. There are 2 (9.52%) recurrent cases from group 35% with 1 (4.54%) recurrent casein group 70% .CONCLUSION:both concentrations


plane wart, TCA