Primary Health Care Physicians' Knowledge and Attitude towards Elderly in Baghdad/Al-Karkh-2018


BACKGROUND:It is important for primary health care (PHC) physicians to possess adequate knowledge and attitudetowards geriatrics to cope with the increasing number of elderly patients care during their dailypractice.OBJECTIVE:To assess the knowledge and attitude of PHC physicians towards elderly and to study the relationbetween some factors with physicians’ knowledge and attitude.PATIENTS AND METHODS:A cross sectional study was conducted in 31 PHC centers in Baghdad/Al-Karkh for a period of 3months from 1st of March to the end of May 2018.A self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection which covered some physicians'characteristics.RESULTS:Out of 225 PHC physicians working at the chosen PHC centers, 200 physicians enrolled inthe study, with a response rate of 88.88%. The results showed that only 27.5% of physicians hadgood knowledge levels and 117 (58.5%) had positive attitude. Better levels of knowledge andattitude were achieved by family physicians, females in addition to those who work for lessthan 5 years in PHC centers.CONCLUSION:Despite positive attitude of physicians towards elderly, better training and continuing medicaleducation are important to improve the knowledge of physicians to ensure better services.