Occurrence of wild mammals at the restored East Hammar marsh - Basrah - Iraq


The study was conducted at East Hammar marsh during the period May 2012 until May 2013. Several methods were used for the collection of specimens (live traps, camera trap, direct observations and other sings. Sixteen species were occurred including Canis aureus , Canis lupus, Felis chaus ,Herpestes javanicus, Hyaena hyaena, Lutra lutra, Mellivora capensis, Vulpes vulpes, Mus musculus, Nesokia indica, Rattus norvegicus, Suncus etruscus, Suncus murinus, Sus scrofa, Hemiechinus auritus, Lepus capensis. Observed species belong to six orders, eleven families and 14 genus. Species were distributed on the following orders as follow ratios; Carnivores (50.%), Rodentia (18.75%), Soricomorpha (12.5%), Artiodactyla (6.25%), Arinaceomorpha (6.25%), Lagomorpha (6.25%).