Human Resource Management Strategies and Their Reflect in Organizational Culture An Applied Study of a Sample of Managers in Iraqi Universities


This research aims to reveal about human resources management strategies and their reflection of organizational culture for a sample of academic leaders in Iraqi universities. For the importance of these organizations in influencing the society with the outputs that represent the leaders of the future. The questionnaire consisted of (40) items to collect data from the study sample of (48) managers in the middle and executive levels in some Iraqi universities which are universities (Anbar, Fallujah, Tikrit, Mosul, al. maref). The descriptive analytical approach using the program statistical (SPSS) to reach results. The research has reached a number of conclusions of the most important, there is a significant correlation between human resources management strategies and organizational culture, as recommended The study also recommended the adoption of strategies supportive of organizational culture through the adoption of a comprehensive strategic view that helps universities to provide an organizational culture suitable for work.