Comparison between efficiency of propolis extracts and antibiotic treatment of Klebsiella pneumonia in rats


In order to determine the influence of propolis extracts when comparative with antibiotic on Klebsiella pneumonia infection as forty five of white rats, both sexes were randomly divided into three groups of (15) rats each group and were treated as following: 1st groups (n=15 ) group was inoculated with 1X108 CFU of viable virulent K. pneumoniae, I/P and at 24 hour post-treatment, this group was treated with propolis extraction (100 mg/kg B.W) 1cc / orally /daily, 2nd group (N=15) was inoculated with K. pneumoniae as in 1st group but at day 24 hour post-infection, it was treatment with amoxicillin (100 mg/Kg , B.W), 3ed group(n=15) was inoculated I/P with 1X108 CFU of viable virulent K. pneumoniae and served as control group. Tthe serum levels of TNF a, IL 10 by ELAS Assay in addition to Histopathological examination, result from our study showed elevation TNFa and IL 10 in the first group, Severe pathological lesions were seen in examined organs of control group but these lesions are mild or few in animal treatment with propolis extraction, The main lesions in examined organs of these animals are suppurative inflammation, small granuloma. We conclude that animal treatment with propolis extraction better than antibiotic treatment and control group