Effect of sodium nitroprusside on improving saline tolerance and indicators of vegetative growth and yield of three cultivars of Brassica oleracea var. capitata L.


The experiment was conducted during two winter seasons 2017 - 2018 and 2018 - 2019 in directorates of agriculture in Zubair district, Basrah . to study the salt tolerance of three cultivars of cabbage ( Pruktor F1 , Luna , Rain ball F1 ) , number of sprays and four concentrations of sodium nitroprusside(SNP) ( 0 , 50 ,100 , 150 ) µM and interaction between them . Split-Split Plot design was used in factorial experiment with three factors and three replicates and the average were compared by using L.S.D. at 0.05 probability. The results were showed that the cultivar Pruktor F1 was more tolerant than Rain ball F1 and Luna cultivars in all vegetative parameters which include number of leaves, weight of plant , weight of head of plant and total yield . Spraying with SNP at concentration 100 µM with twice sprays had significant increase than once spray. The interaction between Pruktor F1 cultivar and SNP at 100 µM concentration with twice sprays had significant increase in weight of plant head ( 1.587 , 1.403 ) kg for two growing seasons respectively comparing with control of Rain ball F1 cultivar ( 0.507 , 0.405 ) kg for two growing season respectively .