The concept of electronic signature compared to traditional signature.


With the increasing pace of the use of the Internet for commercial transactions appeared what is known as electronic transactions or electronic commerce has become a reality imposes itself on trade and daily transactions level.Consequently undergone changes to the way contracts private and sign those concluded through Alanturnt.vkant network these contracts documenting the mainstay paper predicted using traditional signature all Sourh.oma in contracts and editors conducted and documented electronically can not use traditional signature because they are on an electronic stud characterized by inherently Almadah.vtm innovation electronic signature to suit the nature of the electronic mainstay and this has become the signature of the most important tools that underpin electronic commerce. And electronic signature different images in terms of a mechanism to run its system through which, it has created a new technology multiple mechanisms through which the application of electronic signature and use it in order to perform a function or a number of functions performed by traditional signatures, such as those based on the documentation based on the statistics using a special pen is its signature manually on a computer screen, or on a digital pad and then are hand signed by the computer and stored as a set of digital values that can be added to the analysis of the data message and the recipient can view them.