The electronic signature and its authentic underThe Iraqi electronic signature and electronic transactions No78 for the year 2012.


Abstract. The electronic signature words or signs or a private owner to encrypted codes, the specific identity of the person or the competent authority, which he signed, expressive content of the act for which this Web Altoqaa.olltoqaa issued a specific range; the Act specifies the transactions which accept electronic signature, and those where this signature does not accept and that requires a certain form and specific procedures, where they are to accept the electronic signature in electronic transactions carried out by natural persons or Almanoaon, as well as in transactions edges agree on implementing electronic means as well as true in the financial and commercial electronic securities, while not It can be relied upon in certain transactions of which, such as those relating to matters of personal status and personal material, as well as transactions relating to the establishment and adjustment of the provisions of the commandment suspension, and transactions relating to the disposition of immovable property as well.