The availability and access to digital data: the Algerian research between techniques and usage


The researcher today is living in a digital space that has enabled him to access many of the free and ‎open sources of ‎information, where he finds endless use of various modern technological ‎programs and technologies such as social networks and others.‎Free access to information is one of the topics that has attracted the interest of many researchers ‎considering that it is new ‎technology that is provided by the digital environment in order to support ‎the principle of information sharing and the opening ‎of a new channel to facilitate communication ‎and networking between researchers, solely to work on the development of ‎scientific research ‎and the enrichment of Arabic content.‎This study deals with the subject of the availability and access of digital information within the ‎Algerian academic community; ‎we took the research professors at the Mentouri Constantine ‎University as a sample for research. Is the Algerian researcher aware of the inevitability of technological skills and the acquisition of ‎information skills that enable ‎him to employ them in enriching his scientific research and improving ‎the Arabic digital content, in a way that guarantees the ‎credibility, comprehensiveness, ‎effectiveness and modernity of its content and quality.