Comparison Between the Patterns of Common Breast Diseases Presenting as Breast Lumps in Pregnant and Non-pregnant married women


Background: Breast lump is one of the most common prevalent complaint of patients attending breast clinics.Objective: To determine if there is any change in the pattern of common breast, diseases presenting as breast lumps between pregnant and non-pregnant women among patients attending Al-Elwiya Breast Clinic.Methods: This is a cross – sectional study, with convent's patient sampling setting in AL-Elwiya Breast Cancer Early Detection Clinic from 1st Feb. to 1st May 2018, we collected data from patients with breast lumps including the age groups, pregnancy status, parity status, previous breast diseases, hormonal drugs, menstrual cycle, breast feeding. Breast lump was examined, sonography and needle biopsy, and histopathology.Results: This study involves 306 married patients, fibro adenoma was the commonest pathology in the age group 20-29 year-old (29.9%) followed by Aberration of Normal Development and Involution which was found mainly in 30-39-year-old age group (36.1%). Carcinoma found mainly in the >40-year-old age group (10.3%).Aberration of Normal Development and Involution was the main pathology in non-pregnant patients (36.1%), in pregnant patients fibro adenoma is the commonest (35.7%).Conclusion: The majority of breast lumps are benign. In pregnant women, fibro adenoma is the commonest, while in non-pregnant women, Aberration of Normal Development and Involution is the main cause of breast lumps