¬¬¬Fast Iris Localization Based on Image Algebra and Morphological Operations


The localization of the iris is the most significant factor in biometrics of the iris, which traditionally assumes strictlycontrolled environments. The proposed method includes the pupillary and limbic iris boundaries localization. A primary advantage of image arithmetic operations is that the process is straightforward and therefore fast, these characteristics are employed and combined with the morphological operators in the designing of the proposed algorithm. The proposed algorithm takes into account the noise area which is found in various parts of the eye image such as light reflections, focus and small visible iris. The experimental results are conducted on a collection of iris images consist of 756 images belong to Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Automation (CASIA V-1) and 450 images belong to Multi Media University (MMU V-1) databases. The results indicate a high level of accuracy using the proposed technique. Moreover, the comparison results with the state-of-the-art iris localization algorithms exposeconsiderable improvement in segmentation accuracy while being computationally more efficient.