Effect of Buteyko Method on Lungs Functions among Asthmatic Patients in Al-Najaf City


BACKGROUND: asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways and is one of the increasing trends to air pollution and urbanization. The use of alternative ways of treatment that are as efficacious as the standard treatment is the need of the hour.AIM OF STUDY: To study and determine the effect of Buteyko method on lung's functions among asthmatic patients in Najaf al-Ashraf cityMETHODOLOGY: This descriptive analyses study used a One-Group Pre-Test and Post-Test Quazi Experimental Design used to study the effect of Buteyko Method on lungs functions among asthmatic patients, to determine the effect of Buteyko method on lung's functions through comparing the lung's functions prior and after using Buteyko method. This study conducted from the period of 15/ March 2016 to 1/ Sept. 2016. A (42) asthmatic patients selected from (54) volunteers are included in the study. RESULTS: The study results indicate that there is a high significant difference between the pre-test and post-test scores so; the Buteyko method is effective to improve the patients’ lungs functions. CONCLUSION: The study concludes that Buteyko method is an effective way to improve the patient's lungs capacities and it can resolve the problems that faced during asthmatic attack. RECOMMENDATION: The study recommends that the further studied should conduct at national level to prove the effect of this method or to compare the effect with other methods that used to improve the lungs functions.