Feasibility of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in the Diagnosis of Breast Lumps


Background: most patients with breast mass are anxious (to start with) regarding method of final diagnosis. If FNAC is done by dependable hands it proves to be the least invasive and may lead (if positive) to one stage surgery. Aim of the study: The study aimed principally to evaluate the feasibility and accuracy of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology (FNAC) in the diagnosis of breast lumps by comparing the results with the histopathological diagnosis. Methodology: data were prospectively collected from 103 female patients within a period of 5 years (Feb.2009 to Jan.2014). All patients had palpable breast lumps for which initially aspiration cytology of the lump has been done followed by partial or total surgical lump excision for final histopathological diagnosis and to compare the results.Results: Of all FNAC specimens, 98 (95%) were adequate for cytological interpretation. Of those evaluated cytological, 62 (62.8%) were benign, 9 (9%) were suspicious for malignancy and 27 (27.5%) were malignant. Of the surgical histopathological specimens, 40 (40.8%) were malignant.Conclusion : The FNAC procedure is a rapid method, easy to perform, of little cost and easily accepted by the patients and it provides a high specificity and quite reasonable sensitivity rates that can be used for rapid diagnosis and screening.Recommendation: FNAC results are better interpreted in correlation with the clinical and imaging findings to allow better management for the patient and are better to be used with ultrasound guidance for better and adequate aspirates.