The effect of skills exercises to develop scoring skills in a first-stage students in football


The great development that the world is witnessing in all fields, including sports, has led to the development of sporting STANDARDS .Football is one of the sporting events that has received increasing attention from different countries and at all levels, making researchers always strive to develop the game by raising the levels of players in all Respects .The skill of scoring football is one of the most basic skills, and to enable the student to learn and master this skill, a training curriculum for scoring exercises and accuracy was developed to contribute to the learning, improvement and development of this Skill .The research community consisted of students from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences University Mustansiriyah The first phase of the school year (2017-2018) of the number of (150 students), selected (30 students) in the random way from the total research community mentioned above, i.e. (20%) From the community, The research sample was divided into the first two experimental groups and the second officer and containing (15) students each containing (15) Students .The conclusions were reached, the most important of which was that the training curriculum prepared had a positive effect in improving the scoring skills of the research sample (experimental Group) more than (the control group