Study of some hormones and Partial purification of prolidase from serum of women with polycystic ovary syndrome


This study was done by partially purification of prolidase from serum of patients with polycystic ovary syndrome by Gel filtration technique, and using sephadex G100 gel as a stationary phase. The degree of purification (15.1) fold, enzyme yield (95.5%) and specific activity (0.00176 IU/I), were carried out .Kinetics studies for the partial purified enzyme technique showed optimal concentration of substrate which was 5 mmol/l Km = 0.66ng and Vmax =0.80 mM, while optimum Temperature was (35C°) and optimum pH was (8). The molecular weight of the partial purified enzyme has been determined by gel electrophoresis method , in presence of polyacrylamide gel and sodium dodecyl sulphate (SDS_PAGE) which showed that the approximates molecular weight was (54KD),we found high level of prolactin in the patient with polycystic ovary syndrome which was(24.03) when in the control was( 10.09),the value of TSH in the patient was( 17.08) which is high value and in the control was( 1.49), the value of T4 in the patient was (100.2) and in control was (118.4),the value of T3 in the patient was (0.3)and in control was (1.3).Testosterone in patient was (0.391) and in control was (0.206).