Evaluation of Public and Private Schools Physical Environment Standardized Features in Kirkuk City


Background and aim: In the case of Kirkuk City and Iraq as a whole, the previous study concerns andguidelines become even more pressing , given that this Middle Eastern country has been subjected toyears of neglect, damage, and deterioration, exacerbated and compounded by a series of wars. In fact,Iraqi researches state that prior to 1990, education was a thriving sector in Iraq. However, after twodecades of war and deprivation, the quality and availability of learning deteriorated dramatically.Therefore, the present study conducted in order to evaluate the public and private schools physicalenvironment Standardized features in Kirkuk City and to compare between them.Materials and method: A descriptive comparative design is employed through the present study fromApril 1st 2012 to May 20th 2013. An instrument of (141) item is constructed for the purpose of the study.A purposive (non probability) sample is selected for the study which includes (44) school; (22) privateand (22) public of Kirkuk Education Directorate. Data are analyzed through the application theapproaches of descriptive statistical data analysis and inferential statistical data analysis ones.Results: The findings of the study present that the overall evaluation depicts significant differencebetween public and private schools' physical environment standardized features.Conclusion: The overall evaluation presents significant difference between public and private schools'physical environment standardized features.Key words: public and private Schools, physical environment, Kirkuk city