Evaluation of Staff Variable as Component of Quality Improvement for Maternal and Child Health Promotion in Baghdad City’s Primary Health Care Centers


Background and aim: Quality improvement consists of systematic and continuous actions that lead tomeasurable improvement in health care services including maternal and child health promotion and thehealth status of targeted patient groups like women and children. It is also recognized as a direct correlationbetween the level of improved health services and the desired health outcomes of individuals and population.The study aimed to evaluate the staff as component of quality improvement of maternal and child healthpromotionMaterials and method: A descriptive evaluation study is conducted on primary health care centers inBaghdad City from 10th April 2012 to 20th May 2013. A total of (22) primary health care centers. Data arecollected through the utilization of the developed questionnaire and the interview technique as means of datacollection. Data are analyzed through the application of descriptive statistical data analysis methods whichincludes the measurement of the frequencies, and percentages, and inferential statistical data analysisapproach which includes the measurement of the multiple linear regressions and quality improvement.Results: the study findings reveal that most of the health promotion staff have participated in some maternaland child health training and development courses, but they do not apply what has been learned, do not haveaccess to books and publications, have to perform different tasks not health promotion only, do not acquireadditional information, no testing the consumer’s information, do not assign future appointments for plannedand scheduled health promotion activities, and do not follow the consumers’ benefits of previous healtheducation, and decrease the number of the health promotion staff in the health promotion unit.Conclusion:There is increased demand and decreased supply of health promotion units at the primary health care centers.The aspect of staff has revealed that most of them has lacked practices and experiences relative to their taskas providers of health promotion service to pregnant women as consumers of such services. Healthpromotion staff lack opportunities for training and development.Keywords: staff, Quality Improvement, Maternal and Child Health, Health Promotion