A Study about Escitalopram Versus Citalopram in the Treatment of Depressive Disorders


Background and aim: To compare the therapeutic efficacy , time onset of action, and patient compliance of escitalopram versus citalopram in the treatment of depressive disorders (DD) in Kirkuk City _IraqMaterials and Method: 100 outpatients complaining of (DD ) consulting psychiatric unit in Azadi teaching hospital were randomly categorized in to two therapeutic groups with escitalopram and citalopram. A structural interview form (questionnaire) containing socio demographic data and assessing 8 target symptom of depression according to (DSM-IV) derived from a preliminary pilot study in the same unit to reveal most common presentations of (DD ) in Azadi teaching hospital, psychiatric unit inpatients in Kirkuk city , these symptoms were assessed according to a 4 degree scale (0_3 ) according to clinical interview by consultant psychiatrist on call, patients were followed up for 12 weeks.Results: The majority of the study sample were aged group was between (30-39) years, the male formed (38-40%), while the female (60-62%) in each group, (54-58%) of them were married, (48%) of the escitalopram group had moderate economic level while (44%) the of the citalopram group had low economic level, Muslim religion constitute (100%), and the no history of medical illness formed (80-88%).Conclusion: The our study concluded statistically significant superiority of escitalopram versus citalopram regarding the effectiveness, early symptom relief, patient compliance and significant change in dose score, After 12 weeks of treatment with fixed dose of 20 mg of escitalopram and 20 _40 mg.Recommendations: Further comparative studies between escitalopram andcitalopram are recommended with large sample sizes and longer duration of follow up to cover all stages of treatment of depressive disorder (DD) symptom.Keywords: Escitalopram, citalopram, depressive disorders (DD), efficacy.