The nursing process is a problem-solving framework that enables the nursing staff to plan their care for a patents and clients as an individual or group basis . This requires nurses to be accountable for the care that they prescribe with care deliver and to keep clear and accurate records of the discussions .Today, one’s ability to use the nursing process is governed by the standards for pre-registration for any nursing education as outline.The present study aimed at utilize the nursing process in Mosul teaching hospitalsThe initial sample consisted of (42) nurses whose were selected randomly from surgical and emergency units at Mosul teaching Hospitals .the period of data collection for this study was carried out from 20-1-2019 until 20-2-2019 . in Ibn-Sina and AL-Jamhuori teaching hospitals. The results shows a highly significant of all assessment for applications of nursing process at p. value (0.05) In conclusions of this study The nursing process it's very important to enhancing the quality of care especially at surgical field and The highly significant number for all elements of nursing process. Furthermore, the nursing staff cant not be able to make any management without nursing process.Thus the researcher put some recommendations for the current study such as ;the nursing process case sheet should be putting in patient case folder , to evaluate the patient and his health status systematically, the nursing staff and health care team must be educating to how could they using nursing process and updating, surgical wards should be formulate a time table for all clients to guide them about their care as a schedules .The head of nursing staff as a adviser must be enrolled with conferences and educations centers to discuss the implementation of nursing process .Keywords: nursing care plan, recommender system, data mining.