- 26 - Knowledge of Fourth Stage Students of Nursing Colleges in Iraqi Kurdistan Region Concerning Nursing Process (NANDA)


Background and aim: North American Nursing Diagnosis Association (NANDA) is one of Organizations of Nursing in the world to developed nursing process, NANDA began in 1973 by Kristine Gebbie and MaryAnn in Clearinghouse for Nursing Diagnoses-established at (St. Louis University) to develop a diagnostic classification system (Taxonomy) and to identify and approve nursing diagnosis, while the first conference proceedings edited by Gebbie and Lavin are published.The objectives of the study are to assess the knowledge of fourth class students of nursing colleges in Kurdistan Region regarding Nursing Process, to describe the demographic data of the study sample, to know the Source of student's information, and to determine which college of nursing be the first in the rank.Materials and method: A descriptive (cross sectional) study was carried out at the colleges of nursing / universities of Kurdistan Region. The study started at 10/3/2015 up to the end of December 2015. To achieve the objectives of the study, a non- probability (purposive) sample of all forth class students of colleges of nursing. Data were collected through the use of constructed questionnaire, which included of three parts. The content validity of instrument was established through penal of (7) experts.Reliability of instrument was determined through the Internal consistently reliability, (r=0.81).Data was collected by (Self-Report) method, using the questionnaire formal and data was analyzed by the application of descriptive and inferential statistical method.Results: The result of the study indicated that the highest percent of the students was female graduated from secondary school, and they have an intermediate level of knowledge, while the findings of the study indicated that most of student's information's sources were from their teachers. On the other hand the study findings were showed that there was highly significant relationship between student's knowledge and their demographic information.Recommendations: the study recommended that the teachers of nursing at the colleges and schools in Kurdistan rejoin have to focus on the Conference proceedings edited of (NANDA), farther more nursing process must teach by nursing specialty teachers not physicians.Keywords: Nursing process, NANDA.