Assessment of Nurses' Knowledge Concerning Protein Energy Malnutrition for Children under Age Five Years at Medical Wards in Baghdad City


Background and objective: The protein energy malnutrition represents as a major health problem in the Iraq. It occurs particularly in weaklings and children in the first year. This study aims to identify the nurses' knowledge regarding protein energy malnutrition for children under age five years at medical pediatric wards in Baghdad cityMaterials and method: A descriptive study was carried out in the pediatric ward of teaching hospitals in Baghdad City to assessment of nurses' knowledge concerning protein energy malnutrition for children under age five years from 2ed of May till 20ed of December 2016. A non- probability (purposive) sample. This sample consisted of (33) nurses. The questionnaire was constructed and provided for nurses which consists of four parts. The validity of the questionnaire tool was established through a panel of experts. The reliability of evaluating statistically, a pilot study was carried out for (6) nurses selected randomly (excluded from study results).Results: The socio-demographic characteristic of the study presents that 84.8 % of them females, 54.5% of them Single, 39.4 % at age (26-35) years old, 75.8 % of them have (1-7) years of general experience, 39.4% graduated from Junior Nursing.Conclusions: Majority of nurses have poor knowledge about Kwashiorkor, miasmas, and nursing management. There is significant differences between demographic characteristics such as age, level of education, and years of general employments with nurses Knowledge.Recommendations: A extensive programs, training and workshops about protein energy malnutrition for children under age five years should be designed and implement.Keywords: Assessment, Nurse's knowledge, protein energy malnutrition.