Evaluation and Analysis of Nonlinear Bipolar Transistor Performance under High Temperature Using MATLAB


The Design and Analysis of Nonlinear Bipolar Transistor Performance Using MATLAB is present in this paper. The bipolar junction transistor (BJT) operation at non- linear circuit is representing a vital part in some application. Many BJT model has been introduced such as small signal, charge control and each model has its own area of application. The proposed model of nonlinear BJT based on circuit of R1 and R2 set the normal operation point and small signal gain is approximately set under ration R3/R4. A decoupling capacitor of 1uF has chosen to ignore the impedance at 1 KHz to generate frequency response. Novel development used for the characteristics mechanism replica and its performance representation of power transistor with enough memory effects is evaluated and examined. The electrical memory effects and thermal impact on the transistor presentation is compared. The results show important information about BJT performance and proper applications associated with each type under 45-90 OC.