The Effect of Human Engineering Applications on Employees Happiness through Job Satisfaction: An Exploratory Study at the College of Engineering Al-Mustansiria University


Human engineering has many applications in the field of compatibility between workers and their material and moral working environment. These applications are reflected positively in achieving the satisfaction of employees and then their happiness. The research problem included the impact of applications of human engineering on employees’ happiness through job satisfaction. The research aims to test as an intermediate variable in the relationship and impact between applications of human engineering and the happiness of employees of the College of Engineering - research community-. This is via a questionnaire distributed to 50 individual in all branch and department officials in the College. The data were analyzed using the SPSS statistical package. By correlation coefficients and regression to verify the hypotheses, and the results agreed the research hypotheses, It has been shown that the applications of human engineering have an impact on the satisfaction of College employees on the one hand, and their desired career happiness on the other. In the light of recommendations, it is hoped that these will beneficial to the taken into consideration.