Synthesis and Identification of Some New Thiazole Derivatives which Derived from Pyrazoline Compounds and Evaluation the Antibacterial Activity of Some of them


In this study some new derivatives of thiazole compounds were successfully prepared in two steps with high yields. The first step included a synthesis of a new series of pyrazoline (1a-1i) using a one-pot three components reaction. The reaction between (acetophenone4-nitroacetophenone), different substituted benzaldehyde compounds and thiosemicarbazide in absolute ethanol as a solvent with heating at reflux provided the new series of pyrazoline derivatives in a short reaction times. In the second step, the pyrazoline compounds (1a-1i) refluxed with 4-bromophenacyl bromide in absolute ethanol to produce thiazole compounds (2a-2i) in high yields. The Infra-red technique (FT-IR) was used to identify the synthesised compounds and the proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance technique (1H-NMR) was used to identify som of them.