ABDULHUSSEIN WADDAI AL-ATTIYAH life Social and the beginning of his political activity


The study of the characters took an important place in the field of historical studies on the contemporary history of Iraq, And has received considerable attention from researchers in the field of history, The fact that the historical event is the maker of the person, Especially as linking the person to the event is an attempt to highlight political developments and understand their events, And to know the facts and conditions that were living in the country in the period experienced by that character, And Abdul-Hussein Al-Attiyah, one of the personalities who had a distinctive role in public life from the history of contemporary Iraq, Whether in the political or administrative side, And to indicate the efforts exerted to serve his country, And to indicate the efforts he has made to serve his country, through the positions of responsibility he has assumed and his contribution to various activities, Abdul-Hussain Al-Attiyah promised a model that could combine the political and economic fields. However, there were many interpretations and opinions about him and his historical background in the popular, political and academic circles. After the absence of more than five consecutive decades of Iraq, , So we decided to highlight this character research and study.