Sufism in Masalik Al-Absar in Mamalik Al-Amsar Book (Part VIII) -A Study in its Composition and Function-


The current research deals with Sufism in the book (Masalik al-absar in mamalik al-amsar) (eighth part) for Ibn Fadhallah Al-Omari (died 749AH/1348AD) their formation and duties. Sufis have worked to conduct behavior to God through the path of Sufism and spiritual life, and their spiritual experiences and conditions are a living model to be followed over time. They are those who have chosen the afterlife for the world and its adornment. This has been reflected in their relationship with people and society, and they have been effective elements in life. Sufis lived throughout the Islamic world from east to west. Their numbers differed from one city to another and from one century to another. They were spread over eight centuries from the first century to the eighth century AH, and we explained this with statistics and tables.Their role and functions in society were multiple. They worked to spread the religious sciences especially among the people, to educate the apostates, teach them Sufism, conduct and consecrate the hearts and souls, preach the people, and spend for God's sake on those in need. This is what we will explain in the research.