Evaluation Customer Satisfaction for Nursing Services by Adopting an Interactive Model of the Behavior of the Patient Empirical Research in Baghdad Teaching Hospital


The research aims to identify the level of satisfaction achieved for nursing services in a sample of in-patients in Baghdad Teaching Hospital, through the adoption of the dimensions of the interactive model of the behavior of the in-patient (PSNCS) which was developed by (Tang et al, 2013), and includes four principal dimensions (Health Information) which includes (5) paragraphs, (the influential support), which includes (4) paragraphs, (control of the decision) that includes (4) paragraphs, (and specialized technical competence) that includes (7) paragraphs, as well as adopting the style of exit polls for in-patients in the various sections of the hospital about the extent of their satisfaction with the nursing services provided in the hospital. The scale has been subjected to test validity and reliability and used many statistical methods such as factor analysis and the mean, standard deviation, and the use of software (SPSS). The research resulted in inter conclusions, including that patients in the Baghdad hospital were unhappy with the information on their health and lack of guidance and observations concerning their safety during discharge from hospital. It has been recommended to search the need to the attention of the nursing staff at the Baghdad hospital, including provision of information for patients, their health status and their need for health guidance in this regard.