Effect of Strategic Vigilance in Administrative Decision Making


The research is concerned with defining and clarifying the importance of Strategic vigilance in Administrative decision making and what are the relationship and influence between them. A number of hypotheses have been formulated and tested using a number of appropriate statistical tools. The aim of the research is to identify the administrative decision-making process adopted by the Department and its relevance to the potential of the administrative establishments and their environmental conditions through a strategic awakening in the minds and thoughts of the administration. The Ministry of Communications was chosen as the field for conducting the research. The questionnaire was designed to collect data and distributed 65 questionnaires, 50 of field visits to the Ministry to support of data has been reached a set, and the most important.•There is a high level of interaction between strategic alertness and administrative decision making, which results in the Ministry of Communications ability to cope with environmental changes.•The Ministry of Communications adopts the philosophy of strategic management decisions that result in: A - The Ministry's interest in the internal and external environment and the provision of services according to the perspective of strategic management. B- The ministry focuses on strategic objectives.