Design and analysis quad-band patch antenna for wireless communication


This article presents design and analysis of a microstrip patch antenna by using two interlocking circular discs with antenna dimensions of 60 x 60 x 1.5 mm. The antenna is design to be suitable for use in mobile communications and to work on multiple frequency range based on direct feeding. Simulation results are analysed by using the program CST microwave studio. In order to design and calibrate the final antenna to cover the frequency range: from 2GHz to 6.5GHz. We studied the properties of the patch antenna designed with the help of the CST and upload the changes that occur to the parameters of the proposed antenna model. The results show can tune antenna by changing the dielectric constant and the thickness of the dielectric layer according to the required application. Additionally, we carried out experiment for the proposed antenna to verify the CST results and the results are identical to simulation results.