Comparison of CVT Performance with the Manual and Automatic Transmission for Evaluation the Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emissions


The Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) is the blends of the efficiency of a manual transmission with the ease of using the automatic transmission. Furthermore, the CVT is a developed technology that has infinite gear ratios with a high fuel economy and high capabilities of acceleration. In this paper, a comparative study was performed of the CVT performance with the manual and automatic transmission for evaluation the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in the parallel hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). In addition, the parallel HEV with the CVT gearbox is selected from the Advisor software and their simulation methods, and then replaced with manual and automatic transmission. Moreover, the pollutants of the catalytic converter were recorded with all the molecules reactions of the exhaust emissions. The performance evaluation of the CVT was conducted by using the different worldwide standard driving cycles to simulate driving conditions and evaluation the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. The CVT gearbox produced the best performance results in fuel economy with a marked reduction in exhaust emissions compared with some of the results obtained from the manual and automatic transmission due to the high efficiency of controlling speed ratio, in addition to the great effect in the performance than other transmissions. Finally, the CVT gearbox is considered as a favorite in travel inside the cities for the hybrid vehicle, due to a little fuel consumption and high efficiency of controlling variant speed ratio.