Acetone - Zinc Bromide as Working Fluids in Solar Absorption Cooling System


In the present research, experimental and theoretical work is carried out using ecofriendly refrigeration as working fluid in the absorption system. The working pair is considered in the analysis, namely, acetone and zinc bromide. The system is designed to work under outdoor conditions in Hila city-Iraq. In the test, the outdoor conditions are varied and the hot water is used as heat source. To check the performance of the system, various operating conditions are included in this study. These varied conditions include heat source, absorber, condenser, and evaporator temperatures. The system is tested during September 2019. The results show that the COP of the absorption cooling system ranged from 0.13 to 0.487, while the temperature drop in evaporator is 16 °C. Condensation and absorption temperatures are under 41 °C, while the maximum temperature of the driving water is 80 °C. The steady-state model is analyzed by using EES program. Energy and mass balance achieved on absorption system to predict some parameters such as temperature, pressure and (COP) to compare it with the measured parameters. The results of the model satisfied the experimental results for temperatures as well as the coefficient of performance. The results also show that the generator temperature had a great effect on the system performance.