Evaluation of Salivary Nickel and Chromium Level of Iraqi Sample Treated with Fixed Orthodontic Appliances


As orthodontic appliances consider one of the esthetic treatment in dentistry, which contain variable amount of Nickel and Chromium in different part of the orthodontic appliance that may release in saliva and affect patient's health, the aim of the study was conducted to evaluate the nickel and chrome concentration level in saliva for orthodontic patients who are treated with nitinol and stainless steel arch wire and compare this concentration with that of control group. Three groups have been studied 1st group and 2nd experimental includes 17 patients with nitinol arch wire and other 17 patients with stainless steel arch wire. The 3rd group was control group includes 17 patients without orthodontic appliance, stimulated saliva collected in sterile screw capped bottle, and kept at (-20 C˚) then allowed to defrost at room temperature, then the concentration of salivary ions of nickel and chromium was measured by using atomic absorption spectrophotometer. Descriptive and Inferential statistical analysis has been used. Revealed significant difference in Cr and Ni concentration among three groups. This study proved that with nitinol arch wire the level of Cr and Ni increase in saliva more than that of control and stainless steel group.