Response of Olive saplings cv. Khastawi to applying some nutrients


Lath trail was laid out at Department of Horticulture and Landscape, Collegeof Agriculture, University of Anbar during growth season of 2018, to investigateeffect of Whey with three levels of (0, 250 and 500 ml L-1) and extract of Bananafruit pulp with three levels of (0, 25 and 50 ml L-1) on vegetative growth of olivesaplings (Olea europeae L.) cv. Khastawi.Whey was significantly affected all the studied traits (except the branches drymatter percentage), especially the highest level (W2) which showed the best valuesfor traits (average of high increment 19.7 cm, average increment of stem diameter2.8 mm and chlorophyll content in leaves 12.57 mg g-1). While the treatment(W1) achieved highest value for the trait leaf area as it reached 5.61cm2.The highest level of Banana fruit pulp extract (P2) for the most studied traits (averageof high increment, average increment of stem diameter, branches dry matterpercentage and chlorophyll content in leaves) which gave 20.2 cm, 2.7 mm,72.80% and 12.56 mg g-1, respectively. While treatment (P1) achieved highestvalue for the trait leaf area as it reached 6.13cm2. The interaction between thetwo factors reached a significant level for all the studied traits (except the averageof high increment)