The Impact of Internal Finance on the Market Value for Companies Applied Study on the Sample of Companies Which are Listed on the Amman Stock Exchange for the period (2010-2016)


The research dealt with the subject of internal finance and its main sources, as one of the important topics related to the growth and stability companies. The research aimed to theoretical and applied analysis of the topics internal finance and market value. Furthermore measuring the impact of self-financing on the market value for the sample of companies which are listed on the Amman Stock Exchange for the period 2010-2016. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of this research were formulated hypothesis. This hypothesis comprised that there is a significant effect of internal finance on the market value. This hypothesis was tested by statistical model using SPSS program. This research reached to the set of conclusions, which the most important was existence significant relationship between the internal finance and market value for most selected companies. The research provided a set of recommendations, the most important of which should be the attention of companies’ managers on sources of internal finance because of its impact on the growth and survival of companies.