Dimensions of Change Management and its Role in Achieving Technical Innovation/A Prospective Study in the General Company for Textile and Leather (Industry Garments Factory/Bartella Sewing Factory)


The present research, examines the dimensions of management change as the independent variable which including: (change in the organizational structure, change in Organizational culture, and change in organizational the tasks), and its role in the achieving of technical innovation which include: (product innovation and process innovation) in the General Company for Textile and Leather Industry. The sample of the research consisted of (38) individuals, which included both individuals, managers and heads of departments at the top, middle and executive administrative levels. To achieve the research objectives, the descriptive approach and the analytical approach were used for the purpose of collecting data and testing hypotheses. The questionnaire was used as a tool to collect data related to the research variables and consisted of (28) items which has been analyzed using some statistical methods. Like mean standard deviations, T test and regression analysis, by SPSS program. The research showed that there is a correlation and significant impact between the dimensions of change management and technical innovation