Kingdom Saudi Arabia Policy Towards the Political Development in Iraq (1955 – 1958)


This study deals with the policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia towards the political development in Iraq (1955 – 1958). The study concentrates on the K.S.A attitude towards Baghdad conference in 1955and the revolution of 14th./ July/ 1958. KSA looked suspiciously and fearfully at Iraq since the latter was established in 1921 under the leadership of a Hashimi rule who was the King Faisal Bin Al_Sharif Hussain Bin Ali who went through a conflict for a long time with AL- Saud family who controlled AL-Hujaz in 1925 overthrowing the Hashimi Family then they controlled the Arab Peninsular. Baghdad confederacy, which was established in 24 February 1955 between Iraq and Turkey later on it included Britain, Pakistan and Iran affected the KSA's Policy which announced its rejection of the allies Policies. KSA led a campaign in front of the Arabic public opinion in an attempt not to let the Hashimis use Baghdad treaty as a tool to retake what they lost by AL-Saud Family in AL Hujaz in1925.